Two (2) Volunteer Positions Available for:   Teaching


1.         Curriculum:  Character/leadership Development & Financial Literacy

  • (1) Volunteer needed to teach 15 elementary students about Character Development/Leadership and Financial Literacy
  • (1) Volunteer needed to teach 15 Middle School students about Character Development/Leadership and Financial Literacy
  • Daily Lesson Plans and books will be provided for volunteers to teach


2.         Weekly Schedule:

Mon-Friday   Appx. 3 ½  hours  (Appx. 17 ½ hrs./week)(3:00pm-6:30pm)
3.         Physical Location:

7020 Tuckaseegee Road Charlotte, NC 28214

4.         Duration: 1-Academic School Year  (Appx. 10 months)

Start date: Mon. Aug. 27, 2012- Friday June 7, 2013 CMS School Schedule)

5.         RMU Student Body Makeup: 30 (15 elementary/15 Middle School Students) from CMS Public Schools

7.         How will volunteers help RMU to achieve measured goals and results?

Volunteer teachers will maximize their volunteer hours by helping RMU in the fight for Dropout Prevention and Poverty Prevention in Charlotte, NC.  Simply put, our goals are to keep kids in school, build leaders, and break generational poverty cycles by teaching kids financial literacy.  RMU has a participatory curriculum that will engage students to have better discipline, character and an open mind ready to learn at their public school.  RMU has lesson plans readily available for the first opening year.  Our volunteer educators will teach the curriculum/lesson plans that we have established enabling students to have greater personal, financial, and academic results.  RMU will measure the overall effectiveness of our volunteers and curriculum by way of the following:

  • Short-Term Goals:  Students remaining at or above grade level, G.P.A, better school behavior, attendance and appearance,  increase in savings account
  • Long-Term:  Graduation rate increase, RMU graduates become independent of DSS and Welfare, RMU graduates enter college and/or become entrepreneurs

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