“1 student drops out of school every 26 seconds”


At RoleModels University (RMU), we recognize that America’s High School Dropout
situation cripples the future of far too many children and leaving our country
handicapped with poorly educated citizens nationwide. Regardless, if a child is an honor
student within a private school or a struggling student within public school; the future
fabric of our society is hinged upon the quality and quantity of our educated youth.
James Baldwin stated “For these are all our children…We will all profit by, or pay for
whatever they become.” The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation call this “The Silent
Epidemic.” According to recent statistics there is: 1 High School Dropout every 26

RMU is the result of years of investigation and coordination of efforts directed at
improving the outcomes for our youth. The RMU Leadership School is purposed for
high school dropout prevention and intervention by tackling its various root causes such
as education boredom, personal and family issues, negative influences and the failure
to connect grade school lessons with a future career. However, our leadership school
is far more than just a curriculum for the academically challenged. If a student attends
public or private school; RMU has a 12-year (Grades 1-12) preparatory curriculum
that will progressively educate each student to prepare for today’s global market as
described below.

The RoleModels School of Leadership Development

The RMU School of Leadership Development focuses on preparing students for
leadership positions in their communities, higher education, the job-market, business,
and complex organizations, by developing the following skill sets:

  • understand and appreciate their individual unique appearance, character, gifts/
    talents and learning style
  • the ability of discernment and critical thinking
  • professional development
  • the ability to understand true leadership and to become servant-leaders of valor
    and virtuosity
  • the expertise to lead, influence, and persuade others through effective personal
    characteristics and spoken communications;
  • the ability to approach complex problems both systematically and imaginatively
  • the confidence to make decisions in the face of imperfect situations, competing
    objectives, and technological change
  • the experience of being a RoleModel (peer mentoring) to others


The RMU School of Leadership is a credit-hour course curriculum. RMU students must
attain a certain number of leadership credit hour courses for RMU graduation in their
sophomore (10th grade year). The RoleModels University graduate will spend their
Junior (11th grade) and Senior (12th grade) years of high school focusing on preparing
for college/careers and serving as RoleModels to RMU students. Each year, the RMU
School of Leadership will undergo critique and evaluation to ensure effectiveness.

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