How do the students and parents feel about RoleModels University?

“I can tell a difference in my son at home.  He is becoming more well-mannered.” Cynthia, RoleModels University Mom
“I like RoleModels because it is fun when we take trips!”

Jamesha , RoleModels University Student
“RoleModels is all good!”  

Justin, RoleModels University Student
“I like it when we are ‘stepping’ at RoleModels!”         

Tori, RoleModels University Student
“RoleModels provides a good structure to help a child be active in a positive way.”

Alfred, RoleModels University Dad
“RoleModels teaches me how to be a man.”    

Tyler, RoleModels University Student
“The teachers at RoleModels are dedicated.
The students are willing to give up their time to be at RoleModels , as well as, the teachers.
That says a lot for a parent who is trying to keep their child headed in the right direction!”                                       

Nicole, RoleModels University Mom

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