RoleModels University is an After-school Preparatory school.   Although RMU operates during after-school, weekend, and summer school hours, it is far more than an after-school program or summer camp.  RMU is a wise investment within the character development and financial horizon of its students.  Our afterschool preparatory school has a progressive grades 1-12 curriculum that is tailored to grow each student through the elementary, middle and high school years.  With that in mind, we encourage our students to return to RoleModels University each year.  As a result, when our students graduate from their perspective high-schools they will posses the genuine leadership tools and financial I. Q., necessary to excel in their chosen career, become RoleModels amongst their peers and thrive within our global market.

Our goal is simple: help youth to stay in school, build leaders and break generational poverty cycles by teaching our students financial literacy and personal business ownership as a “Plan B” to their career choice.  We feel we are part of the global solution at RoleModels University with tools for the 21st century youth.  Frederick Douglass once said, “It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken adults.”  Our children need role models, and that is what we have to offer.  RoleModels University is the result of years of investigation and coordination of efforts directed at improving the outcomes for our youth.  Our vision is to see youth become productive members of the community, responsible and caring parents, and competent and self sufficient global market place participants who have the tools, motivation, education, and inspiration to excel and become leaders in the world!

Is there a need for RoleModels University in major cities and around the world?

Yes!  Within typical public school systems, teachers work very hard and have full plates with teaching their students the required curriculum.  In that regard, teachers do not have the time and resources to provide the extra help needed for the personal and financial challenges their students face outside the school doors.    Although there are a host of reasons students drop out of school ; personal and financial challenges are at the top of the list.    Therefore, RoleModels University, supports the school systems by helping students overcome these challenges.  This will allow the students to go to their various day schools and be alert, ready to learn, and focus on their education instead of personal challenges, problems at home, or about money.

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