Vision: Our vision is to see youth become productive members of the community, responsible and caring parents, and competent and self sufficient global market place participants who have the tools, motivation, education, and inspiration to excel and become leaders throughout the world![frame_left]Help RoleModels Raise Money for this future building.[/frame_left]

Location:The RoleModels facility of the future is located at 3646 Central Avenue, Charlotte North Carolina. Help RoleModels achieve their goal by donating now.

This facility can provide RoleModels University with the following:

Duration: 10+ years

Administration/Education10,000 sq. ft. (former Beauty Supply Retail Shop)

Eleven (11) classrooms: 7,150sq. ft., 650ft/per room, 15 students capacity

This will give our school the adequate classroom space needed for social, family, leadership, and financial literacy education.  It will also provide space for homework tutoring, student/parent counseling.   The facility sits in a newly branded “International District” allowing our school to grow a diverse student body and multi-cultural education.

Conference room: 580sq.ft, 20 person capacity fit for our RoleModels growing Board of Directors and Youth Board.

Lobby: 600sq.ft  Adequate space for parents and perspective students to receive information and complete applications.

4 offices: 1,300ft., 325ft./per room:  Office space for our Director of Admissions and various department leaders (ex. freshman, juniors, and seniors)

Exec. Director Office 350ft.  Sufficient office space for our school’s President


Total:                                                                                                           9,980sq.ft.
Multipurpose Facility:  15,000 sq.ft (former Grocery Store)

Auditorium: 7,500sq. ft., Adequate space for:

a.    Performing Arts

b.    Student Debate Team shows

c.     Annual City-wide talent show

d.    Dinners, banquets, graduation ceremonies

RoleModels Student Union: 7,500 sq. ft.

a. Commercial kitchen:  Most of our students may not have enough food at home; therefore, their main meals are lunch and breakfast at school.  RoleModels University will have adequate space for proper refrigeration and preparation of donated foods to feed our students a supper meal.

b.    Dining area

c. Game room:  This will provide our students and youth within the neighborhood a safe environment for fun and activities.


Total:                                                                                                           15,000sq.ft

How will RoleModels University be able to afford the utilities and maintenance of 3646 Central Ave. facility long term?

o   Telephone tower:  Generating $10,080.00 Annually Income ($840 monthly)

o   Student tuitions

o   Tenant leasing

o   Summer Camp

o   Breakfast clubs

o   Auditorium and Conference room rentals

o   Annual/Quarterly shows, and benefit

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