RoleModels Weekend Youth Workshops – Our workshops are crafted as a fun and educational vehicle to engage youth boys and girls in financial literacy and character development within their own communities. This methodology serves two (2) purposes:

  • Convenient Service – Our workshops are held inside the communities where the kids live. Too often,youth programs may not be convenient for a diverse range of youth to participate. Challenges may be time and location constraints or simply too expensive. We eliminate those challenges by going where the kids are such as community YMCAs, recreation centers, churches etc.


  •  Community Partnerships – Our workshops enable RoleModels University to come outside of its four walls to collaborate and join the efforts of youth programs and other community organizations.  Too often, organizations seem to compete against each other for the same youth, funding and resources. We realize that we can do more together than we can as separate entities. RoleModels University seeks to partner with youth programs, churches, YMCAs and other organizations to serve as a unified resource for kids, parents and their communities.

Workshop activities include: Youth debate, Youth Shark-Tank, Financial Literacy classes and activities, Character Development classes and activities.

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