• Youth Development and Youth Shark Tank  Judges(Adult+Teen Opportunity):   Judges will select and award winners within the youth debate and youth shark-tank competition. Teen volunteers ages 13-18 yrs. Rules and regulations are provided to each judge prior to the competition. Both debate and shark tank judges will need to learn the rules and regulations for each competition enabling them to provide constructive educational, and informed feedback that will help students become better competitors. Time Commitment: 1-hour (Saturday 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm) and study rules and regulations prior to the Saturday event.
  • Coaches: Coaches will prepare youth for Debates and Teen Shark Tank.  Rules and regulations are provided to each other prior to the competition. Debate and Shark-Tank Coaches will need to learn the rules and regulations in order to prepare their students for the competition. For the Youth Debate, there are  two(2)  teams of  three(3) students and (3) Coaches per team. For Youth Shark-Tank ,there are (3) Student presenters and (2) Coaches per Student. Student will learn public speaking,pitch,business development and marketing. Time Commitment:  2 hours – (Friday 7 pm – 9 pm)  , 1 hour – (Saturday 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm) and each coach must work with their  students a minimum of 1 hour per week over a 3 weeks period totaling(3 hours)
  • Teachers : 1 Teacher for Financial Literacy + 1 Teacher for Character Development) Class Size: 20 Students. Time Commitment: 11 hours (Friday 7 pm – 9 pm / Saturday 8 am -5 pm)  Study and prepare classroom lecture/activity prior to  workshop. RoleModels University will provide the lesson plan as follows:

A.Financial Literacy Teachers must watch a YouTube video on Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow Quadrant and be prepared to share and explain the video in class to the students. The Teacher also needs to give a small lecture on Assets vs. Liabilities, and a compare/contrast in “Poor Thinking” vs. “Wealth Thinking” which kiyosaki highlights in his book and YouTube videos Rich Dad,Poor Dad. The Financial literacy teacher also needs to learn Robert Kiyosaki’s board game entitled, “Cashflow 101”. The Board game and instructions will be provided to the teacher prior so that he/she can learn the game and be prepared to teach and play the game with students.

B. Character Development Teachers must watch the YouTube video: Willie Jolley “Dare to Dream” and be prepared to show and explain this video to the students.Afterwards be prepared  to elaborate in a lecture. Second, be prepared to engage students in a fun activity that requires teamwork. Students learn leadership skills and team -building.

  • 1 Entertainer (1 person or group): Ex.Comedian,Rapper,Singer,Step Team,Musician,Dancers etc., Time Commitment: 2 hours (Friday 7 pm -9 pm) This is a 30 minutes slot for entertainment. The act must be age appropriate for middle and high-school students.

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