A World of Opportunities!

A World of Opportunities!

  • “Public and private school students alike are given the opportunity
  • to understand their own character, evolve into the wisdom
  • of leadership making high-school graduation and college
  • their stepping stones to become world changers.”
“Every child needs a RoleModel!”

“Every child needs a RoleModel!”

  • When it comes to mentoring; putting a positive individual within a child’s life
  • is only a small piece of the puzzle. RMU understands the big picture of a child’s life
  • and the importance of teaching the next generation of youth how to become peer
  • RoleModels for each other and inspiring them by placing outstanding personal, educational and career-oriented RoleModels within their daily lives.

The Afterschool Preparatory School Grades 1-12 "Every Child Needs RoleModels"

12-year (Grades 1-12) progressive character & leadership training curriculum
12-year (Grades 1-12) progressive financial I.Q. training curriculum
Strategic relationships with individuals and the business sector
Annual Citywide Youth Talent Competition